22 May 2024,   05:57
Noise at the railway station - traders are demanding permission for outdoor trade

Noise at the railway station. Traders are demanding permission for outdoor trade,whereas the City Hall is planning to tighten regulations. The noise at the railway station followed the appearance of the employees of the City Hall supervision service. The street traders were requested by the municipal service monitors to leave the area. However, traders say that despite fines, they will not stop working.

Street traders held a warning demonstration at the railway station today. They are asking the city hall to allocate for them an alternative trade area. Until then, they are not going to stop trading. If the City Hall fines them, they will start permanent actions.

Tbilisi City Hall plans to tighten regulations regarding outdoor trade. In the draft law, which has already been sent to the Parliament, along with the seizure of goods, the fines are planned to increase by 150%.

The draft law has already been registered in the parliament. Prior to its approval, negotiations on the alternative trade area between the City Hall and the street traders should be held.