05 December 2023,   03:07
"Special economic space will be placed in village Rukhi" - Ketevan Tsikhelashvili explains the initiative of the Prime Minister

Special economic space will be located in village Rukhi. State Minister for Reconciliation and Equality Issues makes the statement. According to her, similar spaces are also planned on other sections of dividing lines.

"Placement of such infrastructure in Ergneti will be discussed only if freedom of movement is restored. This is a special economic space where different types of services can be placed on the basis of one window and service can be provided in electronic form as well. Interested individuals will be able to get consultations and information. We think that such space can be placed in Rukhi the first stage , where we already have some infrastructure, "said Ketevan Tsikhelashvili.

The Prime Minister initiated to create an economic zone near the dividing line. He said that this is " a step towards a better future."