05 December 2023,   03:18
"Do not even dream" - part of "Georgian Dream" excludes other MPs will leave the team

Part of the parliamentary majority states that support of the nominee of the opposition Ninia Kakabadze is only a technical decision and should not be the basis for political processes.

Part of the ruling party excludes that the other lawmakers besides Gedevan Popkhadze will also leave the parliamentary majority.

"Do not even dream about it," said Vice-Speaker of the Parliament Giorgi Volsky, when asked if other members would leave the majority.

Faction "Georgian Dream" member Viktor Japaridze says that if Gedevan Popkhadze leaves the team, it will be a big loss for "Georgian Dream".

Ninia Kakabadze"s candidacy was supported by "Georgian Dream" member Sopho Kiladze who explained the reasons for her decision.

"Neither" European Georgia "nor" National Movement "will ever nominate such a candidate who will have state and public interest, because it is a quota of minority, and because it is their responsibility, I made a decision to support this lady"s candidacy, "- Said Sopho Kiladze.