30 November 2023,   21:39
There is a grouping which runs the Parliament - MP from the parliamentary majority Shota Shalelashvili

One of the leaders of the parliamentary majority, "Georgian Dream - Industrialists" Shota Shalelashvili responds to the confrontation in the ruling team. The MPs speak about the current processes.

Shalelashvili says that the decision are taken by the chairperson, his deputies, party leaders and then the decisions are known at the level of MPs.Shalelashvili does not deny that there is a confrontation between the representatives of the old formation of the "Georgian Dream" and new faces and the dissatisfaction is great.

The MP does not rule out that other lawmakers like Gedy Popkhadze will leave the ruling team.

" Gedevan"s dissatisfaction is not caused by one thing, it"s probably a common topic. We are trying to eliminate it inside the team, "- said Shalelashvili.

Shota Shalelashvili spoke about the grouping in the parliament, who make the decision alone and named Kobakhidze-Talakvadze-Mdinaradze as members of this group.