17 June 2024,   07:58
Tragedy in Tkibuli - Solidarity action is taking place in Tbilisi

"Auditorium 115" is holding a solidarity action in Tbilisi. The procession started from the first building of the university and will end at the parliament building on Rustaveli Avenue, where the members of the demonstration will call on legislative body for the strengthening the law on labor safety.

Students and non-governmental organizations demand the political responsibility of the government"s economic team.

Demonstrators demand the resignation of Dimitry Kumsishvili and demand that the government plan to develop Tkibuli economic and social security plan.

Founder of the NGO "Institute of Democracy" Lasha Chkhartishvili demands labor protection and states that the government "makes money" on people"s lives.

Tatia Kinkladze, the participant of the rally, calls on the government to create a safe environment for the employees. She also noted that it is important that timely investigation of the deaths of those killed in the shaft is carried out.

Demonstrator, Konstantin Guruli expressed solidarity towards the families of the victims and demanded the punishment of those responsible.

Solidarity action was held in Kutaisi as well.

At least six people were killed and three others were injured in the incident in Mindeli. The reasons behind the tragic incident in the shaft are unknown.