24 May 2024,   14:52
29 years from April 9 tragedy - People commemorate memory of victims ონ Rustaveli Avenue

29 years since the April 9 tragedy - people have been gathering to commemorate the memory of the fallen people on Rustaveli Avenue from 4:00 am. At this time, in 1989, the Soviet army carried out the massacre of peaceful protesters, who demanded independence of Georgia.

The family members of the rally participants came to Rustaveli Avenue.

"If it had been followed by some positive results, then I would say that my daughter  is a hero. What have they been sacrificed for? We have territories taken away, those who killed are still here, what is the result? The government will arrive tomorrow, and they will lay down the flowers and go again, "said Arkad Chovelidze, father of Tamar Chovelidze, who died on April 9.

Politicians were also at the memorial on April 9 at Rustaveli Avenue. They recalled the April 9 events and talked about the significance of this day.

"As long as our people and the society recall these dates, they are not in danger," said Konstantine Gamsakhurdia.