24 May 2024,   14:38
I am sure that other clergymen will take into consideration the action of Archbishop Grigol - father Giorgi Mamaladze"s lawyer

Father Giorgi Mamaladze"s lawyer responds to the Easter appeal of Archbishop Grigol. Mikheil Ramishvili, hopes that other clergy will also consider the position of Archbishop Grigol and they will make similar statements.
Archbishop of Poti and Khobi Metropolitan, in his Easter appeal spoke about the plot against the Georgian Church and mentioned the archdeacon Giorgi Mamaladze in this context. The appeal states that "a cleric is serving a sentence for a crime that is not convincing at all "

"Unfortunately, there is no end to the study and examination of the case that threatened the life of the Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia in February 2017 and we think that the purpose of this was presumably to change the configuration of the Georgian Church, "- said Archbishop Gregory.

Archbishop Gregory spoke about several types of problem and ways of solving them.