22 May 2024,   04:23
" Consolidation that followed April 9 was exeptional" - Prime Minister and government members laid flowers on a memorial of April 9

The Prime Minister and members of his cabinet paid tribute to the memory of those killed on Rustaveli Avenue on April 9, 29 years ago. The President of Georgia has arrived to the Memorial as well.

"This date is very important for us today. Especially because we celebrate the 100th anniversary of announcement of the first republic in 1918. The consolidation which followed the April 9 is exeptiomal. We have to strengthen our independence with such consolidation and unification of our country,"- the PM said.

The Defence Minister paid tribute to the memory of the deceased as well.

The Mayor of Tbilisi arrived to the building of the parliament as well. Kakha Kaladze laid flowers on the memorial. According to him the April 9 tragedy isthe greatest tragedy in the history of the country.