24 May 2024,   14:05
Kvirikashvili meets Popkhadze - Prime Minister asks MP to stay in Parliamentary Majority

The Prime Minister of Georgia responds to Gedevan Popkhadze"s decision to leave the majority.
According to Giorgi Kvirikashvili, he met with Gedevan Popkhadze and asked to change the decision.

The Prime Minister denies the existence of the confrontation in the "Georgian Dream" and says that in the conditions of the democracy,it is impossible everyone to have the same position.

Kvirikashvili expresses hope that Popkhadze will change the decision.

" Will be sad if Gedi Popkhadze leaves the majority.I hope he will not do it, becuse I have personally met with him and asked not to do it,"- the PM said.

The mayor of the capital denies the existence of confrontation in the ruling team as well. According to Kakhi Kaladze, the ruling party is oriented only on presidential elections at this stage.