22 May 2024,   03:03
Upcoming presidential elections - Part of the opposition is for a proposal to unite around a common candidate

We have to unite around the main value, this is the defeat of the oligarchy," Nika Melia, the chairperson of the National Council"s political council, said about the presidential election.

According to Melia, "National Movement" supports the idea of unification around a common candidate in the upcoming presidential election.
Nika Melia speaks about the importance of unity and says that "National Movement" is ready to cooperate with all parties.
Manana Nachkebia, the political secretary of the New Rights, speaks about the necessity ofthe unity and selecting a common candidate.

"It is not only possible, but it is necessary that the opposition will find a consensus and agree on one candidate. One of them is probably President Margvelashvili. For me he is the best candidate, "Manana Nachkebia said.

Bachuki Kardava, the leader of the "National-Democratic Movement" made statement about the unification.

"One thing I can say is that this process is already starting and it is a very important moment when the political organization with the greatest support and rating is active in this issue and shows the initiative," - stated Bachuki Kardava.