22 May 2024,   04:16
Tragedy triggered in Mindeli"s shaft - President calls on civil sector for consultations

After the tragedy in Tkibuli, the president urges the civil sector to have consultations, Giorgi Margvelashvili offers non-governmental organizations to cooperate to protect labor safety. According to Giorgi Margvelashvili, the existing law will improve and control will be tightened.

The civil sector receives the president"s appeal, but the NGOs have specific conditions. They are raising the question of responsibility of economic team and minister Kumsishvili in particular.

The 6-month action plan is being offered to the government by the trade union , which intends to hold active consultations with the President.

In case of the offer, the Public Defender will be involved in the process.

Whether the safety of the labor was protected in Tkibuli at Maideli"s shield, what happened on April 5 at the dawn and what was the reason of death of 6 people? Czech and Ukrainian specialists will arrive in Georgia in the coming days