22 May 2024,   06:12
State Security Service report - despite the closed 3-hour meeting, the MPs did not receive answers to the questions

The State Security Service report in parliament - despite the closed-door session, the MPs did not receive answers from Deputy Chief of the State Security Service Grigol Liluashvili.

The Russian occupation is considered as a major threat in the report.

The document states that spy networks in Georgia has been activated, political parties, agencies and experts are financed to fight against the West from foreign countries, however, the senior official has not named any specific surnames and organizations in the Parliament today.

The 28-page report was sent to the parliament last week, and today the MPs had anticipated that after a general discussion on the threats they would get more information at a closed meeting .

The state security report also states that the main purpose of foreign security services is to stimulate nihilism towards the West in the society, polarization of society, and smearing image of Georgia as a reliable partner.

Who can be the Russian satellite and who are these organizations? One of the leaders of the majority says that it will only be discussed in the trust group.

Experts demand more specificity from the State Security Service.

Specialists say that the threat in this report are determined, but there is nothing about their neutralization and prevention. What counter measures will be taken by State Security Service is not known to the public.