28 November 2023,   13:41
UN Security Council session - In case use of chemical weapons, the US is ready for military response

Washington has warned Syria and its ally Russia - if Assad regime uses chemical weapons against innocent people, the United States is ready to give military response. Donald Trump"s position in the United Nations was voiced by the US Ambassador. A special session was convened by Russia over the recent events in Syria and the military operation conducted by the West against the Assad regime. Moscow presented the draft resolution that condemned the air strike conducted by the United States,Great Britain and France, but the document failed t.

"Russian experts did not find traces of chlorine and other toxic substances in the Duma. The locals did not confirm that the chemical attack really happened. Russia instantly condemns the attack on Syria, where Russian militaries are helping legitimate government fight terrorism. By their own actions, the United States is even more aggravating humanitarian aid. In fact, the United States supports terrorists who have been fighting for the Syrian people for 7 years, "Vasily Nebenzia, the Russian ambassador to the UN, said.

In response to Russia, the United States, Great Britain and France presented their version of the UN Security Council resolution. The project envisions humanitarian aid to Syria, peace talks and independent investigation of chemical attacks. The French side has prepared the text of the document and will begin its review on Monday.