22 May 2024,   06:18
Lawyers of convicted in robbery accuse police of violence

Lawyers of convicts in robbery started to talk about the noisy case of possible violence carried out by police officers. The case concerns fact of roberry, which took place on January 13, 2016. One woman was killed. Law enforcers detained four prisoners, including one woman - Ketevan Khmaladze.

According to lawyers, the defendants were victims of physical and verbal abuse by law enforcers two years ago.

According to the lawyers of the Human Rights Center, four detainees were tortured and beaten. According to their information, law enforcers broke Ketevan Khmaladze"s fingers when she refused to sign a testimony. According to lawyers, her minor child was tortured in the presence of a detained woman.

The investigation has been launched in regard to the case two tears ago, but no one was charged.