22 May 2024,   02:38
Threats from Russia - NATO Parliamentary Assembly session will be resumed today

The NATO Parliamentary Assembly session will resume discussions on the threats coming from Russia. Leaders of the parliamentary majority and presidential parliamentary secretary will address the participants.

The topic of the conversation will be reforms implemented in Georgia.

In addition, statements about the occupied territories and presentation of the government"s peace plan will be made once again. Participants will discuss Georgia"s Euro-Atlantic integration and security issues in the Black Sea region.

"We will have a very big challenge, which is about security in the occupied territories," said Sophio Katsarava.

Non-formal governance, as well as media and democracy issues will be raised at the session by the "European Georgia".

"It is informal governance, oligarch"s rule, this is a restriction of media that is clearly stated in all international organizations report and this is political persecution," Sergi Kapanadze said