24 May 2024,   14:37
"It is unfortunate that" Rustavi 2 "knows where is Gia Lomia and I do not kno wit " - Emzar Kvitsiani

"It is unfortunate that" Rustavi 2 "knows where isGia Lomia and I do not know it. Nobody has informed me yet," - Emzar Kvitsiani, member of the faction" Patriots " makes a statement about Giorgi Lomia"s visit to Russia.

According to the MP, he was informed by Rustavi2.

Emzar Kvitsiani spoke about the relationship between Georgia and Russia.

"The government should not stop. We must constantly take steps to return territories. Not only territories but people as well. Brothers, whom we have lost- Abkhazians and Ossetians. not only territories but also ourselves, our brothers who lost our lives, to return to Abkhazia and Ossetians , "Emzar Kvitsiani said.