20 June 2021,   14:18
Visas for bribes - Russian diplomats accredited in Tbilisi get in a new scandal

Russian diplomats accredited in Tbilisi are involved in a new scandal. This time they are accused of taking money as a bribe in exchange for visas. The scandalous letter to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was by sent the heads of those NGOs who support Russia"s policy.

Citizens gathered at the Russian interests section accuse Russian diplomats of corruption. They also talk about the lack of order in the Russian interests section.

The line of those who want to visit Russia at the Consulate starts at 07:00 am, however, neither Russian citizens nor Georgian passport holders have any guarantees that they will be received on the same day and they will get the answer on time.People who apply the Russian Embassy say that the situation has become more and more complicated than in the previous months and there is a complete disorder in the section of Russia"s interests.