22 May 2024,   03:05
"Atoneli"s residence is enough" - Ruling team speaks about the need to move the President"s residence

The residence of the president will be placed in the building on Atoneli Street after the elections. The ruling party does not deny that this issue is actively discussed and explain that the president"s office should be modest.

"The president should have an office that will be in compliance with its functions and its constitutional role," said the leader of the parliamentary majority- Archil Talakvadze.

What will be the function of the Avlabari Residence if the presidential palace is located in the building on Atoneli Street, is not yet known. Gia Volskyi says that it is important to reduce the costs that Avlabari residence needs.

"Atoneli"s residence is enough for compact , highly qualified team. The number of which I think should be reduced earlier, "- said Gia Volski.