18 June 2024,   22:42
Ana Dolidze vs. Chairperson of Kutaisi Court of Appeals

Ana Dolidze against the Chairperson of the Kutaisi Court of Appeals - the non-judge member of the Council of Justice tomorrow will sue Dmitry Gvritishvili in the city court for damaging the honor and dignity.
Young Lawyers" Association will file the suit today.
The case is about a statement made by the Kutaisi Court of Appeal Chairperson three months ago, according to which Ana Dolidze worked in the Russian organization in 2008 and provided them with harmful for Georgia"s interests information.
"It is very important to establish once and for all the culture that the public figure, especially the person with such status as a judge, should know that the lie has a price. Sometimes reputationally very expensive price. Judge Gvritishvili lied when he said that I was in Russia during the August war. This is a sheer lie. I"m going to prove it to the court through the evidences and to demand to deny this lie in public, "- said Anna Dolidze.