24 May 2024,   13:28
According to experts, Patriarchate`s boycott against Rustavi 2 was not agreed with Ilia II

The statement of the Patriarchate which called on boycotting Rustavi 2 TV was released while Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II was not in Tbilisi. He has arrived in Tbilisi from Bobokvati residence today.

After the statement of the Patriarchate, the experts suspect that the announced boycott against "Rustavi 2" was not agreed with Ilia II.

According to information obtained by "Courier", the statement of the Patriarchate of Georgia was not agree with the majority of members of the Holy Synod.
The clergy are now in the boycott mode. Today none of them made a comment on the Patriarchate"s statement before for the "Courier" .

The topic of discussion between the clergy is the curse by the member of the Holy Synod of Giorgi Gabunia.

The clergy today openly wrote that Father Job did not have the right to anathematize the journalist because such a decision should be made by the ecclesial council. Bishop Job was criticized by Mother Sidonia.

The radical decision of the Orthodox Church was assessed by various confessions. The bishop of the Baptist-Evangelical Church says that the Patriarchate opens the way for violence.