31 July 2021,   07:47
We hope that in 2021 Georgia will celebrate this date with the status of a member of the North Atlantic Alliance - Giorgi Kvirikashvili

"We hope that in 2021, after 100 years from the Soviet occupation, Georgia will acquire the status of a member of the North Atlantic Alliance. We are very confident that the world"s civilized community, in particular the North Atlantic Alliance, will find the strength to consolidate the necessary decisions that are essential for our region and not only for our region. Georgia is ready for this challenge. Georgia is working hard every day to become a member of the European and Euro-Atlantic community," Kvirikashvili said.

The seven presidents visiting Georgia and the delegations of different countries are in the legislative body.

As Giorgi Kvirikashvili said at the round table on Cooperation for Welfare - Strategy for the next Millennium ongoing in the Parliament, Georgia “is ready for this challenge”.

"Today Georgia is the leader of the Eastern Partnership in terms of consolidation of democracy, human rights protection, rule of law, good governance, transparency and economic reforms. The country continues to pursue strategic goals of foreign policy, which is Georgia"s membership in NATO and the EU, "Giorgi Kvirikashvili said.

The Prime Minister talked about Russia-Georgia relations.