26 January 2022,   04:02
"There are many unanswered questions" - Opposition demands creation of parliamentary commission on murder case in Khorava Street

The murder of minors killed in Khorava Street - Parliamentary opposition declares mistrust to the Chief Prosecutor"s Office. Roman Gotsiridze, a member of the "National Movement", says that apart from the father of Davit Saralidze, the society has questions to the investigation and the investigative agency is obliged to prove that behind the case there are no private interests of certain persons.

The parliamentary minority is still demanding the creation of a parliamentary commission. Sergo Ratiani, leader of "European Georgia" states that this is the only solution to establish the truth.

"There is a lot of unanswered questions about this case. Questions of the victim"s family. We have seen how many people have mistrust towards the Prosecutor"s Office. The Prosecutor"s Office is inadequately acting on such high-profile issues, and it can lead to very difficult processes. Accordingly, the only way out is to create a parliamentary commission, "Sergo Ratiani said.