26 January 2022,   04:08
Murder on Khorava Street - Parliamentary Majority does not consider reasonable creation of Investigative Commission and offers to meet with Sarlidze

The parliamentary majority does not consider creation of a parliamentary investigative commission on the murder of teenagers reasonable.

The European Georgia demands the establishment of the commission, which the "National Movement" agrees with.

"Georgian Dream" MPs say that the court decision should be known first and then all legal mechanisms should be exhausted and if afterwards l the questions still remain, the commission will be set up on the agenda.

In parallel, the parliamentary majority offers to meet with the father of Davit Saralidze, Zaza Saralidze, in any format. The chairman of the Human Rights Committee says that the agreement on this issue has already been reached and the meeting with Zaza Sarlidze will be held on Saturday.

"We had communication with Mr. Zaza, I personally communicated. We agreed that we will meet on Saturday and all the issues that he is concerned with will be discussed. I am very confident that we will help this person to restore justice.

At this stage I do not think it is necessary to create an investigative commission. First of all, we should consider all possible mechanisms and if this is the issue on the agenda then we can discuss it, but at this stage we do not think it is right, "said Sopho Kiladze.

Eka Beselia, a member of the parliamentary majority, said the Parliament should wait for the court verdict.

The MP hopes that the decision of the City Court will be fair. Beselia says that the majority MPs are ready to meet with the father of the killed teenager Davit Saralidze.

One more member of the parliamentary majority Koba Narchemashvili speaks about legitimate suspicions of the victims. According to him, he has questions about the murder of teenagers as well.