23 January 2022,   21:25
"Solidarity Without Politics" - planned rally in Vake was postponed due to bad weather

"Solidarity Without Politics" - organizers have postponed planned rally in Vake for tomorrow due to bad weather. The location has also changed, the rally will be held in Vake Park instead of the round garden. The action will start at 15:00 tomorrow.

Organizers of the rally are not taking part in the rally on Rustaveli Avenue for political motives. According to them, the protest rally in Vake will not have political background.

"Our main goal is to keep everything peacefully without conflicts. In our opinion, the round garden is not the right location, we made a mistake from the very beginning, I would like to apologize to all. That"s why we announce a rally in Vake Park ... very sad. Our main goal is to make our voice heard to public without politicians, "said Shako Kikvadze, the organizer of the action.