04 December 2021,   05:52
Case of Mukhtarli, Court system, participation in fraudulent scheme -Opposition asks Mamuka Bakhtadze acute questions

The legislative body approves the three-week government. Mamuka Bakhtadze has introduced the governmental program and initiatives to lawmakers from the parliamentary tribune. MPs had questions to the Prime Minister and his team.

Represenatives of the parliamentary opposition have questions about the candidate on the position of the Prime Minister. A representative of " European Georgia" said that Mamuka Bakhtadze"s program is "pointless."

In addition, the MPs had questions on Mamuka Bakhtadze"s statement, where he noted that the funds were transferred to United National Movement using his account.

"Confirm that you were involved in the fraudulent scheme, which is linked to financing a political party financing bypassing the existing law and maybe you also participated in the illicit income laundering scheme. We believe that the Prosecutor"s Office should immediately initiate the case and investigate your participation in fraudulent and serious crimes and we are interested whether you will cooperate with the investigation, "Samadashvili told Bakhtadze.

There were questions on kidnapping Afghan Mukhtarly. MP Giorgi Kandelaki was interested if the new Prime Minister intends to investigate the case.

He was interested in the steps taken by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.