29 November 2021,   13:18
Post of president Instead of Minister, Tsulukiani does not specify whethershe will be "Georgian Dream" candidate

The Minister of Justice does not specify whether she will be a member of the Bakhtadze`s cabinet in the renewed government. Tea Tsulukiani says she has some information but voicing it is a prerogative of the prime minister.

"After three weeks who will be in Bakhtadze"s office is the Prime Minister"s prerogative. As for my candidacy, I have some information about it but the prime minister"s prerogative is to make up his cabinet, "- Tea Tsulukiani said.

When asked if she is ready to leave the position of Justice Minister if the "Georgian Dream" will nominate her as a presidential candidate, Tea Tsulukiani refrains from direct response.

"Many people think in parliament that I have a lot of answers to many questions and have a doubt that I do not answered these answers. I do not know. I have a small contribution in the victory of 1 October 2012, "Tea Tsulukiani said.

Tsulukiani together with the part of the ministers met the Chairman of the Parliament after the meeting.