26 January 2022,   03:37
50 rescuers , including divers - search of 4-year-old child in Khada gorge

The Khada valley is closed for tourists - the reason is the ongoing searching works.

The rescuers are looking for a 4 year old child in the gorge for the third day. The mayor of Dusheti arrived in the gorge.

"A Georgian-American family living in the Marneuli district was in the Khada gorge, namely, village Tsikere. They had a tent. Then the telephone connection with the family was disupted ,their relatives caled 112, and the works to find the family started . On July 6 the woman"s body was found, the man"s body was found on July 7, "- said Zurab Sekhniashvili, Mayor of Dusheti Municipality.

The divers are looking for the third member of the Smiths family . In addition to the underwate exploration works, there are about 20 rescuers in the gorge looking for a young child. 50 persons are involved in searching works.