16 July 2024,   15:53
They have issued a decree to enter the shaft - Miners think that administration tries to remove the trace of crime

Despite the government"s decree, the Tkibuli Shaft Administration urges miners to return to work.

The miners received a letter from the management of the company today, which states that they have to start respiration works in the shaft and start to get coal in two weeks. After the tragedy in the shaft, the Prime Minister issued a decree stating that the shaft should be temporarily closed until the end of the investigation.

" They gave us a document issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which says that we can continue repairing the shaft, but people refuse, "says the miner.

The miners say that the administration has asked them to continue working. Workers believe that the shaft management tries to cover the track.

"I know what happens. When the experts come from foreign countries, everything will look like nothing can happen here,"- says one of the miners.

The miners say that the Prime Ministers announcement that the shaft will be sealed before the investigation is over is appropriate for them. The miners claim that they will not obey any other ordinance.