17 June 2024,   08:52
"Georgian Dream" expelled Davit Chichinadze from the party

The Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia Secretariat has decided to expel David Chichinadze from the party.

The party has already released official information about it.

"During the last few months, Davit Chichinadze, a member of the Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia and the parliamentary majority, has made numerous public statements which insulted the members of the political team and caused damage to the party"s image and interests. David Chichinadze has repeatedly violated party discipline and universally recognized moral and ethical norms.

"Considering the above mentioned circumstances, the Secretariat of the Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia unanimously decided to expel from the party member of the Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia, Davit Chichinadze," the Secretariat said.

The decision is signed by all five members of the Georgian Dream"s Secretariat: Kakha Kaladze, General Secretary; Irakli Kobakhidze, Executive Secretary; George Volsky, Political Secretary; Tamar Chugoshvili, International Secretary Dimitri Samkharadze, Regional Secretary.