04 July 2022,   04:12
Ruling team does not have common position in regard to the presiential candidate

A parliamentary majority does not have the united position regarding the presidential candidate. A part of the members of the ruling party thinks that "Georgian Dream" must have a presidential candidate, while the other part states that it will be good if they support independent candidates.

Tamar Chugoshvili, the first deputy chairperson of the Parliament of Georgia states that regarding the existing constitution, the best choice will be to have an independent candidate.

Members of the parliamentary majority say that the independent candidate will unite society.

"The arguments regarding the independent candidate are that the presidential mandate itself envisages a nonpartisan type of president that unites the whole country and not associated with any party," Chugoshvili said.

As for the support of an independent candidate by the ruling party, Giorgi Volski, the deputy chairperson of the parliament of Georgia claims that Salome Zurabichvili has a higher chance of winning than other candidates.

" It will be difficult for any candidate to fight with her, because she has many positive things, including her French background," - said George Volsky.

It is reported that the agreement between the head of the government and the president has already been reached and the elections will be held on October 28.