30 November 2023,   04:39
Opposition demands to withdraw draft law on marijuana cultivation from parliament

The legislative initiative of the MIA on the use of marijuana to be voted for in the parliament today.

After the Committee hearings, MPs will discuss the project at the session. The package of legislative amendments was prepared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in accordance with the decision of the Constitutional Court concerning the decriminalization of marijuana consumption.

The law enforcement agency is initiating some restrictions in this direction. In parallel with yesterday"s committee hearings, the bishops expressed a special initiativ to prohibit e in the Constitution the legalization of drugs in the country.

Similar initiative was also voiced at the election headquarters of Grigol Vashadze. Parliamentary opposition demands to withdraw draft law on marijuana cultivation from parliament.

Giorgi Volski, member of the parliamentary majority says that consultations on the draft law will continue.

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs says that after consultations, it is not excluded that certain amendments will be made to the draft law.