30 November 2023,   05:46
Hardest financial problems - Participant of the wheat transporters" rally talk about the extreme form of protest of one of the driver

A situation at the Lilo terminal is still tense at this moment. One of the participants of the wheat carrier rally is still waiting for the minister, otherwise threatens to jump from the roof to burn himself.

The Minister of Finance should meet the demonstrators at 11:00 today, but after the Jano Amkoladze"s protest the situation has changed, accordingly, the rally participants are not going to go to the Ministry.

"The most important thing for us is to bring this person down safely," said one of the demonstrators.

Jano Amkoladze"s colleagues say that this form of protest is a result of his heavy financial problems.
Law enforcers and one crew of the Fire-Rescue Brigade are on the spot.