25 June 2024,   05:49
Electricity generated by HPPs can not be exported - Specialists predict electricity tariff increase up to 22.7 tetri

The World Bank publishes a scandalous conclusion that deals with secret agreements in Georgia and construction of HPPs.

The 17-page document was prepared on "Nenskra" HPP, "Namakhvani" and "Koromkheti" HPPs. World Bank specialists talk about the risks.

The document states that, as a result of construction of hydro power plants, Georgia will receive electricity for more expensive price than before. The report says that tariffs will increase significantly for consumers.

The survey was ordered by the Ministry of Finance; however, as it seems the results are unacceptable for the agency and the conclusion was not publicized. The report says that the government has signed a compulsory procurement agreement with investors, according to which the generated energy should be purchased for more expensive price. Electricity tariff is so high that it can not be exported.

Today"s 12.5 tetri electricity prices will sharply start to rise from next year and by 2030 will reach 22.7 tetri, "- said David Chipashvili, member of" Green Alternative ".

The conclusion that was prepared at the beginning of 2018 and has not been publicized yet is considered alarming for the specialists. Energy experts and environmentalists say that Georgia will receive billions of financial losses in parallel with ecological disaster.