12 April 2024,   21:40
"There is enough evidence against a particular person to initiate legal proceedings" - Ombudsman responds to the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs

The Public Defender responds to the statement of Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Natia Mezvrishvili. The issue concerns the conclusion of the provisional commission on the case of juveniles killed on Khorava Street, based on which the Ombudsman recommended the launch of criminal prosecution.

Nino Lomjaria answered this statement of Natia Mezvrishvili who said that neither the Parliament nor the Public Defender can decide whether to launch a criminal prosecution against a particular person.

Nino Lomjaria states that the Public Defender acts through the right granted by the law, which enables her to grant recommendation to initiate criminal persecution against a particular person.

The Ombudsman again addresses the Prosecutor"s Office with recommendation to initiate criminal prosecution against Mikheil Kalandia on the case of teenagers killed in Khorava Street. Nino Lomjaria says that the report of the temporary investigative commission provides the basis for this.