05 December 2023,   02:20
It is a vital initiative - Zaal Udumashvili speaks about the prohibition of marijuana cultivation

"Vital Initiative" - Zaliko Udumashvili, a member of the National Movement, evaluates the initiative of the United Opposition candidate regarding constitutional amendments regarding the marijuana cultivation.

According to Zaal Udumashvili, it is necessary to write in the Constitution that it is inadmissible to cultivate any narcotics. According to Udumashvili, this initiative serves to protect future generations.

Grigol Vashadze said during the meeting with the electorate that the initiative on constitutional amendments will be initiated and signatures will be collected, according to which the marijuana cultivation should be prohibited by the constitution.

According to the presidential candidate, temporary suspension of the draft law is only a pre-election tactical retreat of the government. Vashadze demands the government to finally reject the initiative.