02 October 2022,   04:14
"The Church has not changed its position" - high clergy demandto withdraw Marijuana Cultivation Bill

The bishops demand to withdraw the draft law on cultivation and exports of marijuana from parliament. After the end of the Sunday prayer, the representatives of the high hierarchy declared that the Patriarch has unequivocally stated that f this draft law should be withdrawn from the legislative body.

"His holiness has once again urged the authorities to withdraw the law on marijuana cultivation . His holiness has clearly stated that mow it is suspended and we are now waiting for it to be withdrawn, which is necessary for the peace of our society, "said the patriarchal locum tenens
bishop Shio.

Archbishop Jacob also responded to the sermon of the patriarch. The archbishop says that the church will not reconcile with this issue and asks for a full withdrawal of the bill.

""The Church has not changed its position. Full withdrawal of the law. That"s what we said. We are absolutely united in the church and we will be firm in our position, "said Archbishop Jacob, and pointed out that the bishops did not make any rallies and they did not plan demonstrations on the issue.

Today, after the Sunday prayers, the patriarch addressed the parish. Ilia II pointed out that at the request of the Church the suspension of the bill was carried out. But he hoped that the parliament will not return to the discussion in future. According to the Patriarch, the Patriarchate asked the Parliament to withdraw this bill.