02 October 2022,   03:57
They are laughing at us.... - citizens are protesting against big lines and chaos in the House of Justice

The situation in the House of Justice remains unchanged, where there is still a complete chaos, the registry can not serve citizens again.

Hundreds of people have a long way to stand in lines. The reason for crowding is taxi licenses. Those who want to get the document will have a deadline till October 1.

" They are treating us as trash, it can not continue like that. It"s a very big line, they are making fun of us, they are humiiliating us, "said one of the citizens.

Citizens are expressing criticizm for having to stand in queue and are demanding to extend the deadline.

"What you are going to enter inside is the second time you are interested in coming to someone else, what is going to happen," said one of the citizens.

In addition to the drivers, individual entrepreneurs also have a long to queue up as their registration deadline expires today.

"This is not a state-friendly attitude towards entrepreneurs. On the contrary, this is a hindrance, " - says the citizen.

The visitors of the House of Justice say that theyhad to wait for an hou to get the line number .

Executive director of the Justice House, Givi Azaurashvili notes that the number of people in the House of Justice is so big due to the fact that the citizens arrived on the last day.

"The work is conducted in a normal mode. The House of Justice will serve absolutely all citizens. The House of Justice is working properly, "said Givi Azurashvili.

The "Courier" crews are still not allowed to enter the inner area so that they are not able to film the confrontation.