19 April 2024,   20:08
Nika Gvaramia"s Facebook Status and Kobakhidze"s Special Briefing - Kobakhidze calls Fascists Gvaramia and NGOs

The Speaker of the Parliament responded to the status published by Nika Gvaramia at a special briefing. Nika Gvaramia, the director general of Rustavi 2, said that all those individuals, who funded Salome Zurabishvili"s election campaign, were "traitors" and noted that they should be under pressure.

Irakli Kobakhidze called Nika Gvaramia"s position "fascist". Kobakhidze attacked not only the media today, but also the NGO sector. The Speaker of the Parliamentf referred to NGOs,as fascists.

Nika Gvaramia answered the special briefing of the Chairman of the Parliament with comment General Director of Rustavi 2 advises Irakli Kobakhidze instead of holding special briefings on his Facebook status, to take care of the problems that are in the country. Nika Gvaramia says that he does not intend to change position on Salome Zurabschvili as an ordinary citizen.

NGOs called revenge Irakli Kobakhidze`s criticizm today. The third sector views this statemen an important message and open war against NGOs. The civil sector thinks that the hysterical tone of the government reaffirms the existence of elite corruption and informal governance in the country.