22 May 2024,   18:39
Enel Mkoyan organized a bandit attack - UNM activist

An attack on the headquarters of the Presidential candidate- the opposition accuses Enzel Mkoyan, the MP from Georgian Dream of organizing the attack.

Karlos Raysian, the activist from UNM speaks about the incident, which took place in Akhalkalaki and claims that it was attacked by Mkoyans.

"Majoritarian MP, Enseal Mikoyan has organized a bandit attack against four people with batons and weapons. So they wanted to demonstrate their power and show that nobody can do anything without Mkoyans in Akhalkalaki,"- said Karlos Raysian.
A decision regarding the preventive measures against the accused in the attack on the United Opposition"s headquarters in Akhalkalaki will be taken today.