14 June 2024,   15:56
"Rustavi 2" does very bad things... "I do not make comments for Rustavi 2,"- Participants of rally on Rustaveli Avenue

A demonstration is underway on Rustaveli Avenue. The rally participants moved from the adjacent territory of the Rustaveli Theater to the Avenue.

Supporters of "Georgian Dream" protest developments of November 11, 2007, and the rule of UNM.

The businessman Levan Gachechiladze attended the rally as well but he refused to make comments for Rustavi 2.

" I do not make comments for Rustavi 2, I don"t cooperate with them at all. Till Rustavi 2 is here, I refuse to make comments,"- said Levan Gachechiladze.

Nanuli Sarajishvili, the actress Actor Nanuli Saradjishvili said she does not want UNM to return to power.

Director Keti Dolidze criticized "Rustavi 2" .

"Rustavi 2" makes very bad things for Georgia, giving much false information. Your ratings are always wrong, "said Keti Dolidze.