25 June 2024,   12:25
Today, the hope appeared that Georgians, Ossetians and Russians fill fnd a common future together - Gocha Dzasokhov was on rally on Rustaveli Avenue

Businessman Gocha Dzasokhov, who has been in Russia for years, was on the rally on Rustaveli. He addressed protest rally participants. Dzasokhov protested against the ruling of the National Movement party.

According to him, Georgians, Ossetians and Russians have found a common language today.

"In 2008, when it happened it was a great tragedy for Ossetians, for the Georgian people, for all sensible people, we met some hundreds of kilometers away, in the hall in Sochi, parents of the dead children of Georgians, Ossetians and Russians, all of us came out and told no to the violence

Today there is a clear hope that we will share the common future and common life together.

We are embarrassed by the people who shed the blood of Georgians and Ossetians and teach us how to build Georgia"s tomorrow, "Dzasokhov said.

Gocha Dzasokhov returned to Georgia in 2012 after the change of power. The businessman then did not hide that he was planning to open schools to promote Russian language in Georgia, where the mandatory language would be Russian. His school "Intellect" came to the attention of the Georgian society several times mainly for propaganda against Georgia"s territorial integrity.