22 June 2024,   12:54
November 7 Lesson - People who are beyond barricades speak about new historical experience after 11 years

The lesson of November 7th after 11 years - people who stood on the opposite side of the barricades in 2007, years after speak about new historical experience.

Levan Berdzenishvili, who accompanied the protesters during the November 7, 2007 events, said that there are many questions still present on November 7. According to him, the problem is that this case was not investigated during "Georgian Dream" rule. According to Berdzenishvili, the previous government used Ivanishvili"s support during the dispersal of the rallies and he was behind the whole process.

Questions regarding the former Prime Minister link to November 7 has essay writer Tako Charkviani, who was in opposition 11 years ago against the ruling party. In her opinion, neither the chairman of "Georgian Dream" nor his team has a moral right to speak about the events of November 7.

Kakha Kaladze made the first statement from the ruling party at the Tbilisi government session on November 7, calling it one of the most difficult days in the history of the country. Kaladze"s then interview is kept in the "Courier" archive where he said that the opposition leaders used the public for personal purposes. The Secretary General of "Georgian Dream" did not respond to the questions asked about it today. Following the despresalmof the November 7 rally and the president"s resignation, Kaladze was in the ranks of the supporters of "National Movement".

Representatives of the previous government in the opposition today consider the actions of the government 11 years ago as a big mistake. The opposition say that the new government has not learned anything about the mistakes of the previous government.

On November 7, 2007, the protesters were dispersed using tear gas, batons and water cannons. Eleven years ago the Special Forces invaded "Imedi" and closed the TV company. These processes were followed by the state of emergency and the appointment of early presidential elections.