22 May 2024,   19:13
Georgian citizens living in New York can not register for presidential elections

After Sweden, the Georgian voters encountered registration problems in New York.

According to immigrants, they can not register their own data in the consulate, because of which hundreds of Georgian citizens willnot be able to participate in the second round of elections.

Citizens of Georgia have already made a statement about the problem, but it is not clear whether the Georgian voters will be able to register before the expiry of the deadline. As it is known, the registration will end on November 11.

"We have register a few hundred people and the problem lies in the fact that a letter in which indicating whether or not a person is registered is late.

If a voter is refused the consular registration, the registration of such voter will not be possible until November 11, and therefore the voter will not be able to participate in the elections.

Similar problems were reported in Greece and Rome, "- Shorena Lomtadze told" Courier ".