24 May 2024,   14:27
"We believe that they are mocking us" - Emigrants Protest against appointments of the second round of elections on week day

Emigrants protest against the appointment of the second round of the presidential election on the working day. According to their assessment, the CEC actually mocked the citizens living abroad by appointing the second round of election on November 28..

According to emigrants, in addition to the fact that most of the voters will not be able to vote, the issue  of working of the polling stations is also questioned. They say that the members of the commission refuse to take part in the second round, because they can not miss their work.

Emigrants are demanding the announcement of November 26 as the date for conducting the second tour abroad like in Afghanistan.

Emmigrant Nino Talakhadze says that after the second round of the elections, the members of the commission will not be able to go home and will have to stay overnight in the street because public transportation does not work abroad at 2-3 o"clock n the morning.
By the CEC decision, the second round of presidential elections will be held on Wednesday, November 28. As for military servicemen performing their duties in Afghanistan, they will take part in the elections on November 26. November 28 is announced as a holiday in Georgia.