24 May 2024,   14:00
Zurabishvili"s Scandalous Statements - Former Judge of the Strasbourg Court Nona Tsotsoria talks about possible developments

Former judge of Georgia Nona Tsotsoria in Strasbourg Court breaks the silence . She has commented on the statements about the August 2008 war of the Georgian Dream candidate Salome Zourabichvili

According to Nona Tsotsoria, Russia will use similar statements in the Hague Court against Georgia. The judge considers that every politician should pay political price for such a position. According to her, these statements are just like political suicide for Salome Zurabishvili and other high-ranking officials.

Tsotsoria warns the government that blaming Georgia for launching war and conviction of Georgian soldiers will result in a chain reaction in the Hague court that will be followed by the fragmentation of the Georgian state.

Nona Tsotsoria in the interview to the "Courier" also speaks for the first time about the possible development scenario of the events and describes the situation. The judge argues that after the Hague, Georgia may receive a convicting decision in Strasbourg, even in cases involving Russia and private disputes.

Nona Tsotsoria asks politicians to take into account the legacy obligation . The judge does not have a harmonious relationship with the current government. Two years ago, when she was considering Vano Merabishvili"s case in Strasbourg, his family member was searched. There was a doubt that this was an attempt to influence the judge"s decision.