18 June 2024,   06:21
It was the worst election, especially the second tour - the member of the Polish Sejm and the head of the observation mission

The second round of the elections is the worst election that has been held in Georgia in recent years - the presidential election was evaluated by a member of the Polish Sejm and the Head of the Monitoring Mission.
Małgorzata Gosiewska focused on violations such as mobilization of Salome Zourabichvili"s supporters, intimidation and bribing of voters at polling stations.
The Polish parliament has assessed the developments in Marneuli as undemocratic and deprivation of the right to choose.
According to the members of the delegation, certain parts of the electorate, particularly those residing abroad, were prevented from voting by the appointment of the voting date on the weekday .
" As representatives of the Polish parliament, we recognize the results of these elections, but our remarks that we set out in the report should be taken into consideration. As for my personal position, I can add that the fact that a part of the state society was threatened by the loss of the job and the other part encouraged by promises to write their debts - it is not really democratic principles and it is a dangerous trend. And I can say that it was the worst election, especially the second round, "said the head of the monitoring mission, Małgorzata Gosiewska.