24 May 2024,   15:14
Another blow on population finances - bread price increased by 10-15 Tetri

Another blow on the population finances - on the background of impaired lari rate and the increased price of petrol, the price for bread has increased as well. Exactly 11 days after the elections, the price on main product of primary consumption, bread, increased by 10-15 tetri, which affect most of all the poor layers of the society.

New prices are valid since the morning. Bread manufacturers say that the reason for rising prices is the increase of price on flour in the pre-election period. According to them, during this period the price of bread was kept artificially. It is not ruled out that in the near future the price of bread will increase again.

"The price on flour has been increased expensive for a long time. It was suspended during the elections and has been increased now "said the representatives of the enterprises