17 June 2024,   04:00
Two months ago it was said that Ivanishvili would dismiss Beselia, - Roman Gotsiridze

"A controversy in the "Georgian Dream" has not started on the issue of judges. Ivanishvili has announced Beselia"s dismissal before elections,"- Roman Gotsiridze, the member of the parliamentary opposition makes a statement on the issue.

Gotsirize states that the confrontation, which has started inside the team ended up with a defeat of Eka Beselia"s team. According to him, Beselia made a right political step, when she preferred to create a legend about her resignation instead of an image of a person, who has been dismissed.
"There is nothing really hidden here. It was said two months ago that Ivanishvili was going to dismiss Beselia and appoint someone else instead of her. Decisions here are taken not by a single MPs but by Ivanishvili," said Roman Gotsiridze.