18 June 2024,   07:18
Second person detained in Norway for theft turned out to be Zardiashvili"s relative

Three persons are detained in Norway for stealing. "Courier" found out that Grisha Margania and Giorgi Kiknadze were detained together with Vano Zardiashvili"s brother-in-law.
All three of them are relatives.
Kiknadze similar to Grigol Abalava is also a relative of Zaradiashvili. It is known that he worked in Isani Gamgeoba several years ago, but after Kiknadze failed to pass the exams, he was employed in the cleaning service. At the same time he is head of the youth wing of "Georgian Dream" in Isani. As for his relations with Vano Zardiashvili, as "Courier" was informed the "Georgian Dream" MP is a god father of Giorgi Kiknadze"s son. They jointly own a commercial area in Gabriel Salosi Street, which is used for business activities. Kiknadze often participates in the events of the self-governing body, where he appears together with Sakrebulo MP Nino Latsabidze.
"Courier" has also obtained the photo of Kiknadze and Zardiashvili together.
We would like to remind you that the "Courier" yesterday released information about the detention of Vano Zardiashvili"s brother-in-law in Norway. Grigol Abalava is an employee of Audit Service.