22 July 2024,   17:37
" Kidnap ,bribe, Intimidate, to help Georgian Dream to win elections - "Courier" Got Scandalous Secret Recordings

" Kidnap ,bribe, Intimidate,do everything to ensure that Georgian Drem wins elections... They say we are allowed to do anything," - An anonymous source provided " Courier " with a secret recording.

According to the material, which is recorded in a car Gia Danelia, a member of "Georgian Dream" and MP of Zugdidi City Council explains to the second person what the orders "came from above".

In the record Danelia tellshow he was summoned with other local leaders and how was assigned to bribe citizens at any cost ... Those who can not be bribed , should be intimidated and those, who can not intimidated, should be kidnaped in order not to be able to vote on 19 May elections.

The recording indicates that the ruling party cooperates with criminals in order to win elections.

"I was at the meeting and there was a representative from Tbilisi. They told to use any method ....Bribery... kidnap - They agree on anything, "- says local MP in the recording.